Public Speaking


Women in Tech: Power Hour Dinner

talk about personal branding from my experience

Create website without code in Bittoon DAO community.

💖MOD นักสร้างคอมเทนท์ กับ น้องมิ้น | #Modนี้มีแต่ให้ EP 15

💖เรียนรู้จากโปร วิธีการทำ Contribution | #Modนี้มีแต่ให้ EP 16


Android Bangkok 2022

I came back for a speaker in Android Bangkok again with "Level up with Android Library for Android Developer" session

Hacktoberfest Thailand 2022

I sent call to paper to contribute to my session "How to contribute tech community with your blog" for this event.

Dev Mountain Tech Festival 2

This is my first-time public speaking in Chiang Mai and my session is "What’s about NFT for newbie" to talk about my research on How to do my NFT collection.

How to do my Bio Website

Facebook Live with DigitalX to teach how to do bio website with Glitch


International Women's Day, PyLadied Bangkok

I am a speaker at International Women's Day, PyLadied Bangkok online event on 8 March 2021 with topic "Modern Software Developer with Modular Architecture" and create animation with Procreate to help explain this.


Android Bangkok 2019

I spoke in Android Bangkok 2019 on 7 July 2019 at S31 hotel. My session is "Recommend Material Components in your app" which talk about Android Developer have some problem with creating UI in application. It is so difficult to talk to designer in your team. This session talks about recommending some Material Component to use to solve problems about creating layouts and understanding Material Design by talking with your designer.


Android Bangkok 2018

I am a speaker in Android Bangkok 2018 on 31 March 2018 at Siam Pic-Ganesha. My session is "ExoPlayer" which expend about my experience coding with it and sharing it from Zero to Hero

Code Mania 111

I am a speaker in Code Mania 111 on 10 June 2018 at Siam University. My session is "Kotlin Generation" which said about how to begin and adapt coding with Kotlin in your work for Android Developer


I am a guess in GuCode S2 EP.18 Chatbot with DialogFlow which tells about begin how to do chatbot in DialogFlow and integrate with LINE account.

Video EP. »


Kotlin Meetup 1.2

I am a speaker in Kotlin Meetup 1.2 for "PWA with Kotlin" topic on 13 Dec. 2017 at DTAC HOUSE.

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